batala mundo

“One love, One Drum”

Batala was set up only 20 years ago from one man and one idea which spread around the world.   Started in 1997 by Giba Gonclaves, the master of Batala, the idea was born out of his passion for the music of his home town of Salvadore de Bahia in Brazil. When he moved to Paris he brought the the sounds and energy of the streets of Brazil with him. He believed in one thing for the band, there were to be no rules but a  philosophy of being kind and decent to everyone.

Batala Mundo, the global Batala family now exists in 4 continents, 15 countries, consists of 30 different groups and grown to a worldwide membership of over 1000 players! The beauty of Batala is that it’s completely international, people from all over the world play side by side all speaking the same language that of the beat of the drum.

The band gathers several times a year at Encontro (annual gathering which takes place in different countries, Batala Bootcamp in Greece and each band invite other bands to their biggest gigs. Playing at Notting Hill Carnival, Salvadore Carniva, Vienna Christmas fayre and many more amazing gigs.

The Batala movement is self-funded with the money raised by the bands going back into the bands or the community of Salvadore where locals are commissioned to make the costumes the bands wear or the drum components.