Down on the farm!

Farm fest 2017!  We feel incredibly fortunate to have gotten this gig. It went to another Samba band last year, sorry! The leader we bumped into in the dance tent, we made up over a dance move or two so no hard feelings!

Not so fortunate with the weather, what where we ever expecting though. It was super festival weekend from Womad to Carfest the whole world and his wife were at a festival, so rain it was for most of the weekend. Apart from most of the 5 sets we played from Friday to Saturday. Curtesy of the Sun dance Sam and Fran did for us at the camp site!

The rain did not dampen the bands enthusiasm for playing and giving it up for some hard core drumming. We got tonnes of great feedback from the festival goe-rs so well done Farmfest for booking us, we were a hit!

Neither did the rain and mud dampen the bands enjoyment of the bands and Dj’s we got to listen to.  Cheers Farmfest we had a blast!