Portishead Carnival 2017 – And the winners are?

The weather couldn’t have been better for the carnival parade, 25c and not a cloud in the sky. The weather not so conducive for carrying, walking and playing drums for nearly 2 hours however!  Thank god and well done to our water carriers Huw and Kieran.  We wouldn’t have made it to the end without you!


Sometimes when we play the time flies by and theres an air of disappointment  when we finish, we want to play more! Today not so much, there was an incredible buzz, the drumming was amazing but on this occasion we were more than happy to put down the drums and get out of the sun!

No pain no gain though, we only helped St Peters School, who had booked us to walk with their carnival themed Float, to win all the prizes, BOOM!

Happy days, let the good carnival times roll……